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Asiatic and Oriental Lilies Available in the Nursery

Beautiful and colorful Asiatic and Oriental lilies are in! Sun loving and easy to care for, the lilies will add not only color but can lend a different texture to your garden. Available in the nursery. We are open 9 to 5 everyday.

Hydrangeas Are Blooming

Our Climbing Hydrangeas are looking great! They will climb tree trunks, brick and stone walls, and wooden structures that are in the shade. We also have the classic pink and blue Hydrangeas starting to bloom now!

Sweet Potato Plants Now in Our Shop

NEWS FLASH! Sweet potato plants are IN, grow your very own super food. We have four varieties to offer, Kaukura, Makatea, Yamamoto and Mani Hi. Don’t delay because these will sell out quickly. Easy to grow, plentiful bounty and oh so delicious!

Our Nursery is Bursting with Color – Come See What We Have!

With fingers and toes crossed we are hopeful that we are moving into warmer days. And you know what that means……..time to get out there and get dirty! Today we had several trucks arrive with new stock. So many beautiful annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. The nursery is bursting with color so please stop by and see what we have. You can always count on Kingsdene for your gardening needs, from shovels to shrubs. Don’t forget to take a stroll around the gift shop, filled with lots of houseplants and other goodies.

Know Which Bees Not to Mess With!

PSA for today: If you see a beekeeper run, then you should probably run too! 🐝🐝 Love and respect the bees, they are so important but know which ones not to mess with.

Shop Local for High Quality Flowers and a Phenomenal Knowledge Base!

We say this year after year. Please buy from small local businesses. The quality is better, the knowledge base is usually pretty phenomenal and many nurseries/garden centers will offer a warranty. This photo was taken at a big box store. Now I ask you…..who in the world would buy something that looks so sad? Please shop small and local. Thank you!

Test Your Soil Before Planting This Season!

We are often asked about soil testing. Univ. Of. Maryland no longer offers this service, but they have provided a list of labs that currently offer comprehensive soil tests.
  • Have your soil tested before planting a vegetable or flower garden, trees, and shrubs, or starting or renovating a lawn.
  • Soil testing labs provide more complete and accurate results than do-it-yourself soil test kits.
  • Soil test results give you baseline information on soil pH, nutrient levels, and organic matter content and recommendations for fertilizing and adjusting soil pH. Soil testing is an essential tool for improving soil health.
  • Soil testing helps reduce overfertilizing, keeping excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) out of Maryland’s groundwater and surface waters.
  • Vegetable gardens, regardless of location, should be tested for lead (Pb).
  • (Provided by U. of MD. Extension)