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Voted Best of Baltimore 2022 Nursery & Garden Center

Voted Best of Baltimore 2022 Nursery & Garden Center

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Asiatic and Oriental Lilies Available in the Nursery

Beautiful and colorful Asiatic and Oriental lilies are in! Sun loving and easy to care for, the lilies will add not only color but can lend a different texture to your garden. Available in the nursery. We are open 9 to 5 everyday.

Hydrangeas Are Blooming

Our Climbing Hydrangeas are looking great! They will climb tree trunks, brick and stone walls, and wooden structures that are in the shade. We also have the classic pink and blue Hydrangeas starting to bloom now!

Sweet Potato Plants Now in Our Shop

NEWS FLASH! Sweet potato plants are IN, grow your very own super food. We have four varieties to offer, Kaukura, Makatea, Yamamoto and Mani Hi. Don’t delay because these will sell out quickly. Easy to grow, plentiful bounty and oh so delicious!

Bearded Iris and Lupines Are Now in the Nursery

A welcome sign of Spring and warmer temps. Bearded Iris and Lupines are now available in the nursery. The Iris are blooming now and the Lupines are almost there. This year we have some really wonderful varieties of Iris, including Zooboomafoo and Puddy Tat, both of the dwarf variety. Aqua Taj, Rock Star, and Synergy are also available with varying bloom times.
Lupines this year include Beefeater, which is a stunning red. Blacksmith will bloom in a glorious blue shade. Towering Inferno blooms in a sizzling reddish orange with yellow highlights. Sure to “spark” interest in your garden. Perfect for an area with full sun. Because they are not yet in full bloom we don’t have photos readily available but feel free to Google the names and you will see just how gorgeous they are.
Stop in and let us help you plan your garden with some really amazing and colorful plants.

Consider a Camellia as a Mother’s Day Gift!

“April Kiss” Camellia looking lovely in the nursery today. One of Spring’s early bloomers, beautiful flowers against dark green glossy foliage. This shrub does best in partial shade to shade and would do well in a sheltered location. Consider a Camellia as a Mother’s Day gift, one your Mom will enjoy for years! Other varieties available.

The Newest Addition to Our Gift Shop: Chlorophytum Orchidastrum Fire Flash

Look at the latest addition to arrive in the gift shop. A colorful, easy to care for “Chlorophytum orchidastrum Fire Flash”. Not super fussy, likes medium to bright indirect light and humidity so it would be happy sitting on a tray of pebbles that are kept consistently moist. This handsome plant will brighten your space with its color and tropical feel. Planted in one of our new pieces of pottery it will surely get compliments and smiles! (Note – the larger plant in the ceramic pot is not the size we have, just a representation of how the plant will look as it grows).


We came in today and it looks like the Leprechauns made a delivery, OXALIS! Super easy to grow and another plant that can live with proper care for years. And what is proper care you ask? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. A degree in horticulture is not required to grow this happy little plant. Oxalis has a fun personality all its own. Triangular leaves in shades ranging from emerald green to deep maroon and some are even variegated. You’ll also find some varieties sporting an extra leaf for good measure, just like the lucky four-leaf clover. 🍀 Oxalis are members of the wood sorrel family and are not true “shamrocks”, even though they are more readily available around St. Paddy’s Day. They like a well-drained soil and care should be taken to not overwater. Oxalis are grown from bulbs (corms) and they can rot if overwatered. They like to be placed in an area with bright but indirect light. Low light can make them leggy (and ugly ☹️). Fertilize with a well balanced all purpose food about every 2- 3 weeks when they are actively growing. They do occasionaly have a few nuisance pests like aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. All in all a great little plant to have in your collection, and one that can provide years of enjoyment. So come on in, and see if you can find one that has a lucky leaf. If you do, it’s calling your name!